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What is Safar?

Safar is a one-to-one discipleship journey to help new believers walk with Jesus and live his ways. Clear and easy to use, Safar guides you through 30 Biblical steps – each designed to help you grow in relationship, go deeper in the word of God and prayer, and to put into practice what you’ve learned.


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The Steps

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How Safar started

Safar emerged from the fast growth of the Iranian church and the increasing need for new believers to be discipled.

With the conviction that we are all called to be and make disciples, Safar was designed as a roadmap for Christians to disciple new believers. As churches began to use it they saw an increase in the number of new believers who matured in faith, engaged in the life of the church, and played their part in reaching others – leading to further growth.

Not only has it been impactful in the Iranian church, it has been used across the world and helped churches and their members engage in effective discipleship. We continue to translate it into more languages.

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