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What is Safar?

Safar is a discipleship journey for new believers to be accompanied as they embark on the first 100 days of their Christian life.  Serving as a roadmap, Safar provides new believers the foundational blocks of building a life of devotion to Jesus.  The 30 steps are intentionally designed to be walked alongside another believer in one-to-one discipleship.


How did Safar get started?

Safar, the Persian word for “journey,” is a discipleship process for the first 100 days of a new believer’s life in Christ.  The need for Safar emerged from the growth of the Iranian church.  The persecuted church is seeing massive growth – new believers are everywhere.  Leadership cannot keep up with the vast numbers needing discipleship, and indeed they need not. Discipleship is the work of every believer.  Safar provides Biblical teaching, fosters relationship, and facilitates faith moving into action, in order to help ordinary believers engage in discipleship.